Thursday, June 24, 2010

Aquasure Non-Electric Water Purification Systems

It may happen that you may be residing at a place where electricity cuts most of the time is a regular affair.And it may also happen that you do not want water purification systems that consume electricity.Well, when Aquasure is there, why worry? Eureka Forbes has devised water purification systems solutions for one and all no matter whether you want to run the systems with or without electricity. There are specific systems that you can choose as per your preferences.

Many a user has mentioned in their reviews about the AquaSure Xtra storage water purifier. This non-electric system is one of the most used systems in homes across the country. The advanced technology that the water purifier comes equipped with helps it kill harmful bacteria and virus thus giving 100% pure and safe water. This is what is wanted by all health conscious individuals. And it is a one time investment With only a reasonable amount of maintenance towards replacement of cartridge and no electricity consumption, you can provide safe drinking water for your child. It is considered one of the best non electric water purification systems. Few of the features include 4-stage purification process, no requirement of running water, special float ensuring full (18 liters) storage capacity, etc.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Water Purification Systems That Sell The Most

When we speak of water purifiers, the name of Eureka Forbes strikes our mind. And after we have started using the AquaSure Elegant RO, my eyes fell on every water purifier that I came across whether it is in offices or homes. We often get invitations for dinner from our colleagues on weekends and we do find our way towards the kitchen! What I read in many a review on water purifiers that this company is the most preferred choice is right. No wonder millions of homes in the country use purification systems manufactured by this company; this is again what I have read in the reviews.

I accompanied my room mate with her sister, who came to the city to get an X-Ray done, to a diagnostic centre. After a five minutes’ walk, we reached there and we were almost baked in the sun. The water purifier at the end of the corridor of the reception caught my attention. After getting her name registered, we went towards the water corner. And the water quenched our thirst. Well, it was an AquaSure water purifier.

The water purified in our purification system tasted good unlike the tap water that we used to drink directly before. My room mate’s sister said the system is very aesthetically designed and is pleasing to the eyes. I narrated to her how I and her brother decided to buy it.